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"Making Special Moments Beautiful & RELAXING"

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    Welcome to YB


Yasmeenz Beauty & YB Clinical Skin Care is a full service beauty center that operates in through-out the Bay Area CA. We offer white glove service catering to all of our clients needs in a mobile setting bringing beauty to you. Our full list of services include skincare, waxing followed up with full beauty experiences in lash enhancing services and makeup. We also have added massage services to our growing profile.

Facials and Peels

Lash Enhancements

Goals & Results


The #1 priority is that


we achieve a high level


of of satisfaction and


reach your desired results with a

combined goal and creating a


rewarding treatment plan in your


journey to deliver the outcome


you desire. We use clinical


skincare products and

professional beauty products to


deliver your expected results.

      YB's Philosophy

 I want people to feel amazing not just by a beautiful garment that they can purchase but the best possible garment people of any age can wear of all is healthy glowing skin.

Being passionate about not just external beauty my vision is to educate people on the direct connection between internal wellness and how it directly correlates to the appearance and environmental factors which affect the skin.

Yasmeenz Beauty is a destination beauty and wellness business built on these principals.



Acne & Microdermabrasion



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