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Testimonials & Gallery

​​​ "Myea is very professional and a perfectionist! She listens to her clients and customizes her services to meet their needs. She does a great great job on lash extentions and facials!" 

- Terra L. Hamilton,

 SR Sales Executive,

"I love Myea! She made sure everything was explained and showed me all the products being used. Super loving and friendly! I reccomend coming here!!!"

- Ali LokMor. LMT 

"Very professional. Myea walked me  my facial treatmented me through each routine as she did my facial treatment. I felt very relaxed and comfortable about everything being done regarding my treatment. I will continue to let Myea treat my aging skin!!! I am very very satisfied with the results!"

- Mrs. Ramsey, Retired professional

I love Myea's Energy, touch and detail when preforming her work. I always feel relaxed and satisfied when she is done with a service . The only bad thing is........ I haveto drive after :) I highly reccomend Yasmeenz Beauty's wide range of services.

 - Debora Tribble-Penny, RN 

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