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YB Clinical SkinCare 

​YB Clinical SkinCare is a line designed with you in mind my clients. This line is a professional skincare line that will deliver clean, safe, and formulas that follow efficacy standards. I wanted to you to have not only a great line of products but I wanted them to be filled with the follow:

* Potent Antioxidants

* Pure Retinol

* Stable Vitman C

* Enzymes that are Active 

* Plant Oils that are Nutritious

* Balancing Essential Oils 

* Formulas that were derived from a Vegetarian Origin

* Preservatives that are GENTLE

Because this line is full of the ingredients above it will be hard for you to locate these ingredients 

in this line such as:

* No Parabens

* No Synthetics Colorants

* No Phthalates

* No Urea

* No Releasing Formaldehyde Preservatives

* No Mineral Oil

Your Healthy Beautiful Skin Starts with YB Clinical Skincare.

1. GENTLE CLEANSING CREAM (CLEANSER) corrective size 13.00 retail size 42.00

2. HYDRATING PLUMPING MIST (TONER) corrective size 13.00 retail size 32.00

3. HYDRATING CREAM (MOISTURIZER) corrective size 10.00 retail size 49.00

4. HERBAL TONER (MEDICINAL TONER) corrective size 13.00 retail size 35.00 

5. MOISTURIZING SPF 30 retail only 45.00

Products are available for sale and can be shipped anywhere in the USA. 

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